CA Final Test Series | 5 Chapter Wise & 2 Full Syllabus Tests

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CA Final Test Series | 5 Chapter Wise & 2 Full Syllabus Tests


Features of CA Final Test Series


  • Monitored By CA Ravi Agarwal Sir
  • Evaluation (in 3-5 days)
  • Bird’s Eye View – Chapter wise Analysis
  • Question Paper (Comprehensive Coverage)
  • Suggested Answers, Study Guidance & Mentoring Schedule
  • Evaluation By Qualified & Experienced CA’s

CA Final Test Series By CA Wonders

Our Test Series is very unique from others, as we not only set papers as per ICAI guidelines but also evaluate the papers in a thorough manner along with guidelines for improvement in each paper. Additionally, you will get Examiners’ comments about your performance in every test.

How to Access CA Final Test Series:

1. Question papers will be shared after enrollment.
2. Use your own blank answer sheets for writing the tests however please attach the 1st page as provided to you by us (attaching the 1st page is compulsory failing to which your evaluation may get delayed).
3. Scan your answer sheet and share with us.
4. You will receive our communication once your evaluation is completed along with the reports & suggested answers.

Benefits of CA Final Online Test Series:

  • Learn the most probable question for ICAI Exam

  • Understand how to perform in a time-constrained exam hall environment.

  • Turn your 40’s into the 70’s.

  • Experience paper setters & expert facilities for evaluation.

  • The flexibility of time slots.

  • Take the exam at any time at your convenience

  • Student can attempt Test from anywhere at any time.

  • Quality Evaluation as per ICAI parameters.

  • Evaluation of each and every paper will be done by Team of CA’s.

  • Speedy evaluation within 3-5 working days.

  • Last date of submission of test is Group I & Group II is Till Your Exams.

  • Test Papers, Suggested Answers & Evaluation are available only in English.

  • Student has to submit their sheet in English only.

  • Answer sheet will be provided after evaluation.

  • Registered Students shall take picture of their answer sheet and convert it into PDF and share with us.

  • Fees shall be non-refundable/non-transferable.

  •  Validity of subscription shall not be extended or transferred in subsequent attempt in any case.

  • Affordable Test Series.

  • Exclusive Comments For Answers.

  • MCQ Based Papers.

  • Discuss each of your evaluated test papers with Chartered Accountant.

Subjects (CA Final Old & New Syllabus)

  • CA Final Financial Reporting (FR New/Old Syllabus)

  • Strategic Financial Management (SFM New/Old Syllabus)

  • AUDIT (Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics)

  • LAW (Old/New Syllabus)


  • ICSA/ELECTIVE (Old/New Syllabus)

  • Direct Tax Laws (DT Old/New Syllabus)

  • Indirect Tax Laws (IDT  Old/New Syllabus)


New Syllabus, Old Syllabus


5 Chapter wise & 2 Full Syallabus Tests


First Group, Second Group, Both Groups


May 2021, Nov. 2021


Customized Scheduled, Scheduled, Unscheduled


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